Michael A. Licciardi

Michael A. Licciardi, Founder & Director
Professional Financial Planner

Mr. Licciardi is the Founder and Director of the Financial Planning Adult Education Conference Center.  The Center is the result of his vision to provide baby boomers and seniors with a classroom environment where they can learn, explore, and examine the possibilities of their financial future.

Mr. Licciardi has over 40 years of experience in guiding individuals, families and small businesses towards securing a healthier financial future. His methodology as a Professional Financial Planner is based on a model for educating, planning, servicing, and providing solutions to clients in a timely fashion.

Early on in his career, Mr. Licciardi recognized that the best way to meet the needs of his clients - while building and maintaining lifelong relationships - was to educate, educate, educate!

Choosing the right time to provide ideas and execute solutions is essential to the needs of the client, as is enlisting the expertise of other professionals.  Mr. Licciardi provides ongoing consultations with ideas, strategies, and implementation in order to achieve the clients’ financial objectives.  Mr. Licciardi also works with other professionals who specialize in additional areas of the financial planning process, allowing every financial concern encountered by his clients to be addressed.

Financial Planning is a dynamic field complicated by ever changing tax codes, rules, regulations, compliance and suitability issues, as well as financial markets and flexible planning strategies designed to accommodate these constant changes.  Helping clients navigate through this winding road to achieve their own personal financial objectives is Mr. Licciardi’s passion.

Mr. Licciardi welcomes you to the Financial Planning Adult Education Conference Center.



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