About Us

The Financial Planning Adult Education Conference Center (AECC) is the center for Baby Boomers and Seniors to learn about and plan for their financial well-being - without the pressure!

The first of its kind, AECC offers topic driven education workshops in a friendly classroom environment. Attendees no longer have to navigate the ever changing financial road alone, and at AECC, there's no hassle or gimmick speed bumps along the way!

AECC was founded in 2013 by Michael A. Licciardi, who also serves as Director.  Michael has over 40 years of experience helping individuals, families and small businesses secure their financial positions for both planned and unexpected events.

All AECC instructors are practicing professionals who actively work in their field of expertise.  You will learn from the best!

Workshops are held in our two spacious conference rooms at AECC.  Each conference room seats a maximum of 30 attendees.  Rooms are furnished with modern classroom tables and comfortable chairs, and feature state-of-the-art media presentation technology.  Light refreshments are always available in the kitchen area.

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